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Cashflow solutions for Hawaii businesses

The Factoring Solution, Example and Benefits

What can Factoring do for your business?

  • HRM - Hawaii Factoring Specialists Provide flexible programs
    Hawaii Receivables Management (HRM) designs programs that meet the needs of each individual company. Client-specific programs are created by breaking down and reassembling HRM?s basic services to satisfy specific requirements.

  • Improve cash flow
    Convert receivables into cash ahead of due dates. Make funds immediately available for labor and new material purchases. With improved cash flow, take advantage of cash discounts and special material purchases. Sell products more aggressively since funds will be available as soon as new orders are filled.

  • Re-focus on sales
    Because payment of invoices purchased by HRM is contractually guaranteed and made on a scheduled basis, businesses can lessen the administrative time spent on managing receivables and the collections process. Precious resources can be refocused on increasing productivity, sales and marketing efforts.

  • Better financial planning
    Factoring goes hand in hand with financial planning, providing predictability in month-to-month financial situations. Knowing that when the sale is made the company will receive cash immediately can not only aid in the planning process but also aid in piece of mind. And since HRM's fee is based on the company's sales volume, expenses can therefore be easily projected.

  • Short lead-in time
    From the first phone call to your first funding, a factoring facility can literally be in place for you in a matter of a few days. Fill out our easy Application Form and start getting your cash.