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Hawaii Factoring Report

Factoring is a simple financial tool that sometimes is perceived as too complicated

The process is simple: Hawaii Receivables Management (HRM) pays you immediate cash for invoices at a discounted rate. The discounted rate is very similar to the fees you may pay for credit card processing.

The impact of factoring is substantial: As an HRM client, you can then take that cash and use it to purchase more product, which turns into additional sales thus increasing your sales turn. Or you can take that cash and pay bills, keep your taxes current and/or make Fridays payroll.

What about your banker George? Will your banking relationship be damaged by working with HRM? In his eyes, HRM is helping you grow while he continues to be YOUR banker. Your banker has not lost you as a customer, and will be happy that HRM is able to provide you with short term cashflow assistance where he could not. Hawaii Receivables Management is your bank's partner, not a competitor. So, when your bank can't provide the credit support you need give HRM a call to see if we can help.

Hawaii Receivables Management is a local company, using local capital and run by local people. Our customers absolutely love dealing with us and love the piece of mind we provide them! We have many success stories to share, so give Mike Young or Rick Humphreys a call at 254-9008, or fax us at 254-4208.

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