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Hawaii Receivables Management provides TIMELY and DEPENDABLE cashflow!

Let's look at a real life example?
A Hawaii-based distributor sells $1,000 worth of toothpaste, soap and hairspray to Longs Drugs.

Longs is invoiced for this $1,000 and is given 30 days to pay the distributor. The distributor faxes the invoice to Hawaii Receivables Management (HRM) along with proof of delivery. Typically we'll have 80% or $800 in the distributor's checking account that day. Longs has been notified to send HRM the $1,000 check for that invoice. Longs, typically pays within 20-25 days. When HRM receives the check from Longs, we'll take our fee of (in this case) $25.00 and give the distributor back $175. So the distributor collected $975 on a $1,000 invoice, but the key is they got $800 up front, which they used to buy more product to meet the demand. This process also relieves the distributor from the worry of "what day will Longs pay"?

The distributor has piece of mind and can instead focus on the sales side of the business (ie.- signing up ABC stores).

The above process is repeated over and over each and every day at Hawaii Receivables Management - helping Hawaii businesses with their cashflow needs.

HRM can share a personalized 15-20 minute presentation that explains how factoring can help you. Please contact Mike Young or Rick Humphreys at 254-9008, or fax us at 254-4208 to schedule a meeting.


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